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#GivingTuesday Total: $77,560

Wow! We are overwhelmed at the generosity of our community. Not only did we reach our goal to raise $60,000 in two days - we went above it, raising a total of $77,560. Thank you for being part of building stronger futures for our community and for our neighbors. Because of you, more neighbors in our community will have access to healthy food and will be able to stay in their homes.

Tuesday, 9 p.m. We’re still going strong! We’ve raised an additional $2620, bringing our total to $68,620! And the night isn’t over yet! There’s still a few hours left to be part of #BuildingStrongerFutures on #GivingTuesday. Your donation helps neighbors access healthy food and stay in their homes. 

Tuesday, 6:30 pm Thanks to you, we did it! We raised $4270 more and were able to unlock a $9000 challenge grant from the Klump family and an anonymous donor. That brings our total to an incredible $66,000. We’ve added a dresser to our home and achieved our #GivingTuesday goal. But it’s not too late to add your donation to our total and be part of #BuildingStrongerFutures.

Tuesday, 4:30 pm We’re trying to raise $4000 more by the end of the night to unlock a $9000 challenge grant. So far we’ve raised $1450, bringing our total to $52,730. That’s a good start! And it means we can add a bed into the master bedroom of our house! Can you help us meet our #GivingTuesday goal and finish filling in our house?

Tuesday, 3:30 pm We need everyone’s help! We’ve got one more challenge grant to announce today - and it’s a BIG one! Are you ready for this? The Klump family and an anonymous donor have a challenge grant of $9000 for us - which would enable us to reach our #GivingTuesday goal! But to unlock it, we have to raise $4000 by the end of the night. Please donate now then share on your social media so we can reach our goal and build stronger futures by providing access to healthy food and stable housing for our neighbors.

Tuesday, 3 p.m. Thanks to your incredible generosity, we reached our $2500 goal in time and can unlock the $2500 challenge grant from the Mulcahy family. Our total is now $51,280. We added shelves to the children’s bedroom. That means we only have one more bedroom to go in our home! Help us fill in this last room and reach out goal of #BuildingStrongerFutures on #GivingTuesday by raising $60,000 by the end of the day.

Tuesday, 12:30 p.m. We’re on a roll! We raised $2850 and can unlock our $5000 challenge grant, bringing our total to $45,150. We can also add a desk in the children’s bedroom. MOM gave out over 350 Housing Stability grants last year to help keep families in their homes. Together we’re #BuildingStrongerFutures on #GivingTuesday. Our next challenge comes from the Mulcahy Family. We need to raise $2500 by 4:30 p.m. to unlock their $2500 challenge grant.

Tuesday, 11 a.m. Amazing! We met our challenge ahead of schedule again! We can unlock our $2000 challenge grant from Rick Barker, bringing our total to $37,310. We’ve also added the bathroom to our home. Now we just need to keep up the momentum to add our bedrooms and reach our $60,000 #GivingTuesday goal. And we have a challenge grant to help us do that. If we can raise another $2500 by 1:30 p.m., we can unlock $5000 from an anonymous donor. 

Tuesday, 10:30 a.m. We’ve raised $1335 and are partway to our  goal of raising $2000 by noon and unlocking our next challenge. With a total of $32,810 we can add a final chair to our living room. Our living room is complete now! But we still have other empty rooms. Help us reach our #GivingTuesday goal of raising $60,000 by the end of today

Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. Wow! We’ve really picked up the pace this morning. We met our goal ahead of schedule which means we can unlock the $5000 challenge grant from Bob and Sharon Gilson. This brings our total to $31,875. We get to add bookshelves to our home! Research shows that stable housing and healthy food are necessary for children to learn effectively. And our next challenge is in: we need to raise $2000 more by noon to unlock a $2000 challenge grant from Rick Barker.

Tuesday, 8:30 a.m. We’re off to a good start. We’ve raised $1350 so far this morning. That brings our total to $25,075 means we can add lamps to our home. MOM helped 175 households keep the lights on last year. Your gift can help more families in the year to come. We still need to raise $1150 to meet our challenge and unlock a $5000 challenge grant from Bob and Sharon Gilson.

Tuesday, 7 a.m. Today is #GivingTuesday! We’re working on building stronger futures by raising $60,000 and filling in our home with the essentials. And we have another double challenge. We can unlock $5000 from Bob and Sharon Gilson if we can raise $2500 by 11 a.m. Did you know MOM gave out over $300,000 in Housing Stability Grants last year? Give now and help families stay warm and safe in their homes.

Monday, 10:30 p.m. Wow! We met our final Monday challenge. We raised $2500 more, enabling us to unlock $5000 from the Klump family, bringing our total to $23,725. We’ve moved to the living room in our home and added a sofa. Preventing homelessness is part of our mission at MOM. Last year, we gave out twice as many funds in housing stabilization grants to keep people in their homes. We’ve still got a long way to go - so watch for our next challenge grant on Tuesday morning.

Monday, 4:45 p.m. We have one more challenge to announce today. Thanks to the Klump’s Family challenge, you can TRIPLE your impact. If we can raise $2500 by the end of the night, we can unlock a $5000 challenge grant. Help us complete this home and build stronger futures for neighbors in our community.

Monday, 4:15 p.m. Phew! We made it. We raised $1500 exactly and can now unlock a $1500 combined challenge grant from Todd Smith and Jill Bradshaw and an anonymous donor. That brings our total to $17,225. This time, we added a kitchen table. What would a home be without a kitchen table? A completed kitchen is great - but we’ve still got a long ways to go! Give now to help us fill in the rest of our home.

Monday, 2 p.m. In past years, giving often dips in the afternoon - so we have another challenge to help us meet our goal of raising $60,000 by tomorrow night. This is a combined challenge grant of $1500 from an anonymous donor and Todd Smith and Jill Bradshaw. But we don’t have much time! We need to raise $1500 by 4:30 p.m. to unlock this challenge.

Monday, 1 p.m. We did it! Thank you to everyone who has helped so far! We needed to raise $600 more and we raised $675, so we can unlock our $2500 challenge from Brian and Julie Hornung ahead of schedule. This bring our total to $14,225. We’re still working on the kitchen so give now to help neighbors in our community have the healthy food they need to build stronger futures.

Monday, 11:30 am We’ve now reached $11,050 - and can add an oven to our home. Kitchens and food are important for building strong futures. Studies show that children are more likely to do well in school, avoid illness and reach developmental milestones on time when they have enough healthy food. We’re just $600 away from unlocking our next challenge.

Monday, 10:30 am Are you ready for our next challenge grant? Brian and Julie Hornung have given us a challenge. If we can raise $2500 by 2 p.m., we can unlock their $2500 challenge grant and add more to our kitchen. Did you know hunger affects 12% of people in Dane County and 17.5% of children?

Monday, 9:30 am We did it - ahead of schedule! We’ve raised $3150 - which means we can unlock the $4000 challenge grant from Terry and Bob Smith. This brings our total to $9150. We can add cupboards to our kitchen. Did you know MOM’s Food Pantry has been helping neighbors in our community fill their cupboards with healthy food for over 40 years? Help us continue to do this by giving today. And keep watching for more challenge grants today!

Monday, 9 a.m Amazing! Look at the progress we’ve made so far! We’ve raised $1775 already in addition to the $2000 we started with. That brings our total to $3775! They say the heart of the home is the kitchen, so we thought we’d start by adding a refrigerator to our home. Having enough healthy food is essential for children and adults to thrive. MOM provides food to 60-100 families each day we’re open. We need to raise just over $200 more to unlock a $4000 challenge grant. 

Monday, 7 am. We're so excited about #GivingTuesday that we're starting a day early! Our home blueprint is completely empty! We have a challenge to get us started. Terry and Bob Smith have made a generous gift of $2000 and given us a challenge. If we can raise $2000 more by 11 a.m., we can unlock a challenge of $4000 and start to fill in our home and #BuildStrongerFutures. We’re starting with the kitchen. Your donation now can help us put the refrigerator in this home--and make sure children in our community have the healthy food they need to thrive.





The past couple of years have brought a lot of change, upheaval and uncertainty for neighbors in our community and for our community as a whole. Many in our community continue, and will continue, to face incredible challenges. One in seven children in Wisconsin struggles with hunger. The numbers of people experiencing homelessness, facing eviction, or living in doubled up living situations (when a individual or family moves in with another household) continues to rise. While Covid has certainly magnified these challenges, we also know hunger and homelessness, structural inequities and despair, existed long before Covid struck.

This #Giving Tuesday, let’s begin to build a better future together. We  know that together we can do more than strive to “get back to normal.” We know we can and must work together to build a stronger future--for our community and for our neighbors. Just as a stable foundation is necessary to build a home, a stable foundation is necessary to build a strong community. Healthy food and secure housing are important parts of this foundation. Your support helps us continue to provide healthy food and to administer programs like Housing Stability and Connections, a new program that works with families and individuals living in doubled up situations. Together we can help our neighbors find and maintain stable housing and access nutritious food.

Our work is only possibly through your support. This #GivingTuesday, please join with us to build a stronger future for our community.

#GivingTuesday. Building Stronger Futures Together.

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