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Winter Wishes Brings Joy to Families

Winter Wishes Brings Joy to Families
January 20, 2021 Sharing ChristmasClient Stories

2020 brought with it many changes—including changes to how we carried out many of our programs at MOM. Due to COVID-19, we made adjustments in our Winter Wishes program. This year, we decided to offer Winter Wishes participants $50 gift cards for their family members, allowing them to personalize the program and have an opportunity to pick out those special gifts themselves. This kept contact to a minimum, helping keep everyone safe.  The spirit of the Winter Wishes program has always been about bringing people together. To continue that, donors were able to provide personalized cards to give to families if they chose.

We are pleased to share that the program was an incredible success. We wanted to pass along some of the feedback we received from participants:

-I really appreciate the gift! It really makes a difference (really, it makes our whole holiday possible) because of your generosity. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

-The MOM Program helped me put a smile on my family's face. I pray to soon be in a position to pass that act of kindness and help forward. Thank You!

-With covid-19 and work hours cut there was no way I'd be able to get gifts for my kids for Christmas, which was even more depressing because we couldn't get together with family and they haven't seen friends in person since March. It meant so much to be able to give them something, and to be able to use the gift card so they could get gifts for family to open during our Zoom Christmas meeting.

Families also expressed gratitude for the program change of including gift cards. Nearly every family surveyed indicated that they would like gift cards to be part of the program in the future. Some of the reasons included: having the joy of selecting items themselves, being able to confirm that clothing fit, being able to take advantage of sales and being flexible when kids change their minds as well as other reasons.

Thank you to everyone who donated to make this program possible. Because of your generosity, we were able to bring extra joy to over 1,000 individuals and provide gift cards to everyone who registered. 

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