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Why I Give: Matthew Pletzer

Why I Give:  Matthew Pletzer
November 23, 2016 Sharing ChristmasDonorsWhy I Give

by Matthew Pletzer, MOM Board Member

It was just nine years ago when I married my wife Megan.  Prior to that I had not had any exposure to MOM. When Megan and I got married I learned quickly of her family’s giving mentality.   They had been supporting MOM through their Christmas program for years.  The program was designed to give families and children in need a positive holiday experience through a gift giving program.  Families are selected and matched upon need.  They are asked to provide a list of things that they and their children would like for Christmas within a dollar threshold.  

Since we were a new family my wife Megan encouraged us to get involved.  Our experiences through this program ever since have been overwhelming. The families that we have met have been extremely appreciative and gracious.  They opened up their homes and welcomed us in like family.  To see the smiles and sometimes tears on the families faces makes the effort all worth it.  Although it is only one day of the year, it is nice to know that you were able to be a part of putting a little joy back into those individuals on that day in particular. 

Since engaging in the MOM’s Christmas program my wife and I have become more actively involved in MOM. We continue to support MOM because we have a firsthand view on the difference that our contributions make in the lives of those in need right in our own neighborhoods.  I would encourage anyone to donate to MOM and support a great local cause especially on this giving Tuesday.

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