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We Can Build Stronger Futures by Helping Families Gain Stability

We Can Build Stronger Futures by Helping Families Gain Stability
November 3, 2021 Giving TuesdayClient StoriesFood PantryHousing Stability

When Sue contacted MOM in the summer of 2020, her family’s situation was dire. She and her two teenage sons had become homeless when her mother died. Sue had been living with her mother, serving as her caregiver. With nowhere else to go and only a limited fixed income, the family moved in with a relative. Eight people piled into a two-bedroom apartment, creating very crowded living conditions and putting both families at risk of eviction forbreaking the lease. A number of health issues had added further challenges. Sue had been looking for work when she contracted Covid. Continued Covid complications led to her hospitalization and then to surgery. One of her sons began having severe asthma from the cigarette smoke present in their new living conditions which led to panic attacks. 

MOM was able to provide some assistance to Sue as she worked to regain stability for her family. MOM paid for a couple of nights in a hotel to ease Sue’s son’s panic attacks while helping her look for stable housing. After many applications to apartments, Sue got approved for a place that had affordable housing units, but an affordable unit was not available at that time. She had to take it anyway, even though the rent was almost the entire amount of her income. MOM helped by covering most of the security deposit, providing food through weekly visits to the Food Pantry, referring the family to St. Vincent de Paul for furniture, and providing gift cards to Good Will. MOM also helped Sue connect with Onward and Upward which provided job training to help her get an online job to supplement their income. After several months, the family was able to move to a more affordable unit in the same building. Although Sue still has a challenging road ahead of her, she can now help her family build a more stable future.

Your gift this #GivingTuesday can help families like Sue's build stronger futures.

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