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Volunteer Highlight: Gail Krc

Volunteer Highlight: Gail Krc
March 14, 2018 VolunteersFood PantryClothing Center

Gail Krc has volunteered regularly at MOM since 2011, accumulating an amazing 1,700 volunteer hours in that time. As a volunteer, Gail has filled a number of different roles. In fact, here at MOM, we think there’s nothing she can’t do! Gail has been a Data Entry volunteer for many years and now serves as a Client Host in the Food Pantry and a Front Reception Desk volunteer in the Distribution Center. Her flexibility and willingness to cross-train provides needed support to staff and volunteers, helping MOM serve clients with efficiency and dignity. Having a volunteer such as Gail who clearly understands the whole process of how our Distribution Center (including the Food Pantry and Clothing Center) serves clients, gives invaluable insight to staff, building cohesiveness that otherwise could be challenging to obtain.

What sets Gail apart is the way she treats everyone around her—whether it be a staff member, a fellow volunteer or someone coming in to use our services. One of Gail’s many volunteer roles at MOM is to greet clients at our Distribution Center Front Reception Desk who are in need of clothing, food, or both. Her smile and warm welcoming instantly puts clients at ease. She also provides excellent support to other volunteers during her shift as she coordinates and organizes the flow of clients through the Distribution Center in an efficient and effective manner, while never losing sight of providing a respectful and dignified experience for MOM clients. Gail leads her shift with confidence, consistency, and compassion.

Gail also serves as a Client Host, helping clients through the shopping aisles of the Food Pantry. Client Hosts help families and individuals understand the product limits that ensure everyone who utilizes MOM’s Food Pantry has access to food items they need. Just as important, a Client Host provides a positive, healthy interaction with clients during an experience that can be difficult or sensitive for many. Clients often say that Gail’s calm manner gives them happiness as they shop. Because Gail manages the flow of clients in her role as Distribution Center Front Reception Desk, she understands the needs of the Client Host volunteers and has great empathy for the many nuances of both positions. This unique perspective is essential for building strong programming.

Data entry is very important to nonprofits. While it can feel tedious, it is extremely important that it be done with exactness and precision in order for us to pull out the needed information. With Gail on board, the integrity of MOM’s data never needs to be questioned! Her own work experience lent itself directly to her role as a data entry volunteer. Gail is thorough, detail-oriented and reliable in this role. Gail also has always been more than willing to express concerns if she noticed problems or issues in the data or program, to mentor other volunteers, and to otherwise assist the Distribution Center Manager to record accurate and complete data. This dedication and extraordinary efforts gives our organization confidence and security.

One of our most important values at MOM is to serve our clients with respect and dignity. Gail exemplifies this in little and big ways. She does it by the way she speaks to each individual person. She also does it through community action work. Gail has a gift in creating conversations about meaningful community issues and uses this to provide support to the population of people using the Food Pantry. Gail offers assistance in voter registration through the Middleton Action Team. She brings this support to MOM by sharing non-partisan voter information with our clients. Her effort to assist MOM clients in using their voices in the voting process and empowering them in their lives and their community sets her apart.

Not only does Gail fill many volunteer shift at MOM, she is a leader who contributes to our overall success both by pushing us to constantly improve and by the example she sets in how she treats those who use our services.

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