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Restaurants Find Creative Ways to Collaborate with MOM

Restaurants Find Creative Ways to Collaborate with MOM
December 10, 2020 CollaborationsBusinessesPandemic

Restaurants have faced many challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, several have found creative ways to partner with MOM to make a difference for families in our community struggling with food and housing insecurity.

One restaurant that has partnered with MOM throughout the pandemic is 1847 at the Stamm House. MOM first teamed up with the Stamm House for a fundraising event called “Gather” in May of 2019. We planned to replicate the event this past May. When COVID-19 hit, it seemed we would have to cancel the event and lose the proceeds the fundraiser was expected to bring in. Instead, Troy Rost, managing owner of the Stamm House, had another idea. He proposed a drive-thru event which would allow MOM donors to enjoy the fabulous food of the Stamm House, help the struggling restaurant stay in business and raise money for MOM. Called “Gather Apart,” the successful event in May was developed into a monthly event, raising thousands of dollars to help families in our community get the healthy food they need and stay in their homes.  It’s a creative way for people to give to their community—and get something delicious in return. Read more about it here.

Recently, the Longtable Beer Café launched the Community Table Fund, another collaboration that will benefit MOM. This 501(c)(3) fund, run in partnership with Madison Community Foundation, will provide protein-based prepared meals to address food insecurity in the community. Their goal is to raise $80,000, an average of about $4000 each week, through a GoFundMe account to help families get through the winter. “We have learned that communal tables aren’t just physical places. Even as we are physically distant, we have learned that it is possible, indeed paramount, to be socially present. The power of a table to bring us together and provide nourishment for the body and the soul is more important than ever,” they say.


Thank you to these two restaurants for finding creative ways to help families in our community.

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