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Recycled Materials Have New Uses at MOM

Recycled Materials Have New Uses at MOM
March 1, 2018 Clothing CenterCollaborations
Community means an eclectic group of individuals sharing common interests and attitudes.  MOM is filled with a wonderfully broad spectrum of volunteers, giving us both balance and diversity. The many uses we've gotten out of some unique donated material demonstrates this. Ideas are typically born with one question, "What might I do," and this project started that same way.  
A hospital staff member where MOM Volunteer Dan Masliah works, asked what they might do with some material that is used to keep surgical tools sterile other than toss it in the landfill. The fabric is removed before surgery so it remains sterile.
Solution! The material is routed to MOM where numerous volunteers await its arrival to turn the material into beautiful bags of different sizes and purposes.  Some bags have sides to make carrying canned goods from the pantry a bit easier. Some are a bit longer than wide to fit clothing. And still others are designed for our pantry waiting room.  
One of the uses of the material we are most excited about is making it into book bags. Partnering with the Middleton Public Library and with the assistance of shared volunteer Mary Loving, MOM is able to supply books for children for free. Children of all ages are allowed to "Pick a book.  Keep a book.  Read a book"  as MOM volunteer Rich Pauli says.  Rich's wife, Mary Lee, created one of a kind book bags (pictured here) for our littlest clients to take home their treasured books. It's so fun to watch preschoolers pridefully carrying their filled book bags around the pantry, happy to have something of their very own.
It started with one question, "What might I do?"
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