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Not just peas, it's promise

Not just peas, it's promise
April 21, 2018 Client StoriesCollaborationsFood Pantry Garden

Heather has fond memories of gardening with her mother as a little girl—particularly of the fabulous, fresh veggies she got to eat when their work was drawing to a close. Recently, Heather decided to take advantage of MOM’s Food Pantry Gardens to recreate the gardening experience for her sons. With her family’s extremely tight budget, bringing home fresh vegetables to supplement their meals would also be a huge help. “I wanted my boys to be able to grow and taste fresh peas, zucchini and cucumbers just as I did when I was a little girl,” Heather explained.

So, Heather set to work with her two sons, James, age 19, and Grant, age 11. At first, Heather wasn’t sure how her sons would react to the amount of work gardening required. But she was delighted to see how much they enjoyed it. “I was so surprised at how much my youngest son loved working in the garden and how willing he was to help out! For him to have the experience of seeing the promise of a little seed grow into our own vegetables was wonderful,” Heather said. “And there’s nothing like eating a garden-fresh tomato!”

MOM operates three Food Pantry Gardens. In the teaching garden, clients are matched with volunteer mentors who teach them how to nurture their own small garden plots. Clients get to keep what they grow. The other two gardens are tended by volunteers, with all proceeds donated to the MOM food pantry.

Your gift to MOM provides families in west Madison, Middleton and Cross Plains with freshly grown peas and other healthy vegetables to eat. It also offers them the promise of community and a path to a better life.

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