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MOM's Housing Programs Intervene Before Evictions Strike

MOM's Housing Programs Intervene Before Evictions Strike
March 14, 2018 Housing AssistanceClient Stories

MOM's Stable Housing program is designed to assist vulnerable families, helping them to proactively plan for future financial hardships before they receive an eviction notice and to offer additional assistance to households already facing eviction. In addition to financial grants, MOM's Stable Housing Program provides employment and budget counseling; referrals; advocacy, landlord negotiation, and rent reconciliation plans.

MOM has helped single parents forced to miss work due to children's illnesses, and tenants who experienced major auto repair expenses and needed a reliable vehicle to get to work. MOM assisted tenants who experienced a significant loss of income and were struggling to establish a new, viable household budget, and seniors, whose small annual income from Social Security is off-set by reductions in Food Share, and other benefits. 

Eviction is a leading cause of homelessness, especially for families with children (UW Institute for Research on Poverty, Fast Focus #22, March 2015). Your support helps MOM’s Stable Housing programs prevent eviction and keep families and their children secure in their homes.

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