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Meet the Volunteers behind those piles of clothing!

Meet the Volunteers behind those piles of clothing!
October 29, 2015 Clothing CenterVolunteers


It takes a special person to sort through bags and bags of donated clothing and household items.  Thankfully MOM has close to 50 dedicated volunteers in the Clothing Center who work tirelessly to sort through piles of donations and pick out the best of the best to offer to our clients.  

Co-led by Sara Shea and Barb Lawrence, the clothing center resembles a retail store, complete with a nice couch to sit on while trying on shoes and full-length mirrors and mannequins sporting the latest fashion trends.

It's not a coincidence that the Center is so inviting, as Sara worked more than 25 years in retail at Kohl's Department Stores.  You can see it in all the seasonal decorations and special touches she adds to the center.  She takes the constant influx of donations with ease and is always extra friendly with clients and donors. Behind her quiet manner is an exceptionally hard-working and dedicated volunteer.

Joined by Barb (who held the helm as manager for many years), they bring out the best in what MOM offers.  The outgoing of the two, she is always willing to give a tour or talk about what the center needs.  Barb keeps morale high and never misses a chance to have fun with volunteers and clients.

The current Clothing Center is easily five to six times larger than the one at the old overcrowded MOM facility.  Not surprisingly, the center gives out about 10,000 pounds of clothing and household items per month.  A sure sign of success is the large number of clients who come in just to browse the Clothing Center for themselves and for their families.

The volunteers that work in the Clothing Center are often unsung heroes as they don't have as much direct contact with clients, but they work tirelessly to get good items into the hands of those who need them.  Their efforts help stretch tight budgets so our clients can use their limited resources on other basic needs, instead of new clothing for their growing children or a warm coat.

There is a sign hanging in the Clothing Center sorting area that is a quote from another grateful MOM client which says "I had to become poor to get clothes this nice!"

Hats, mittens, and gloves off to the amazing volunteers who donate their time in the MOM Clothing Center!  Through their efforts, MOM continues to be a place where our neighbors feel comfortable visiting and leave with smiles on their faces (and a new outfit!)

Just a few of the Clothing Center volunteers (from left to right) - 

Sara Shea, Lizie Huber, Eileen Vassau and Louise Johnson


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