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In the News: How Housing Matters

In the News:  How Housing Matters
July 7, 2016 Poverty Facts

According to the MacArthur Foundation's "2016 How Housing Matters Survey"-

"As key indicators of how difficult it is to acquire and maintain stable, affordable housing today, one-third of adults (34%) report that they know someone who has or have themselves been evicted, foreclosed upon, or lost their housing in the past five years. Three in ten adults (31%) spend more than 30% of their monthly household income on their rent or mortgage payment.

Again this year, over half of the public (53%) report that they have made sacrifices over the past three years to be able to cover their rent or mortgage. These sacrifices have included taking on an additional job/more hours at work (24%), ceasing to save for retirement (19%), Accumulating credit card debt (17%), or cutting back on healthy food (13%) or healthcare (11%)."

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