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Creating Stability Then and Now: MOM's Stable Housing Program

Creating Stability Then and Now: MOM's Stable Housing Program
April 24, 2020 MOM NewsHousing AssistanceHousing Stability

From the beginning, MOM has worked to create housing stability and prevent homelessness, utilizing a variety of programs to address the housing needs of people in our community. The Good Samaritan Assistance Program, which provided support to people for basic needs like food, lodging, clothing, shelter and transportation, was one of MOM’s first programs, started in 1981. MOM also sought to establish positive relationships with apartment managers and to help clients work with managers to develop flexible solutions that met everyone’s needs. By 1991, MOM was giving out vouchers that totaled $34,000 in these areas.

In 1997, MOM started a new program focused on preventing homelessness called the Rental Assistance Program (RAP). This program grew steadily providing 22 grants in 1998, 72 grants in 2000 and 245 grants in 2006. By 2010, RAP handed out 430 grants in one year.  

MOM has continued to make adjustments to programs focused on preventing eviction and keeping people in their homes. Case managers meet with clients to determine the best path forward in their unique circumstances. Available funds can be used to help households with security deposits, rent subsidies, utilities and limited other expenses such as car repairs. 

MOM gave out 516 grants last year as part of our Stable Housing Program which now includes rent assistance, Good Samaritan funds and utility assistance.

MOM’s Stable Housing Program in Action 

MOM’s Stable Housing Program helps families stay in their homes and maintain stability. Here’s a note we recently received from a client: 

“I first came into contact with MOM 18 years ago. I was in a bad place financially, mentally and emotionally. Financially, MOM helped me find housing, helped with my security deposit, provided me with food from the food pantry. But MOM helped me with something that lasted much longer than the apartment, the security deposit or the food. MOM helped me find my self-respect again. They helped me find the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship and find my independence. Most of all, they gave me hope. 

“Nearly two decades later, I am a successful professional. I own my own home and have raised two amazing kids. I owe all of my success to MOM. Had they not been there with a helping hand when I needed it most, who knows where I would be now. When you work with MOM, you're not just a number. You are treated with dignity and respect and are not made to feel as if you are less than. Any time I encounter somebody in the community who is struggling, I make sure to tell them about MOM and their services.”

Help Us Celebrate 40 Years by Supporting our Stable Housing Program!

MOM has been able to help so many families in our community through the years because of your support. You can join our Circle of Hope by making a monthly gift to sustain MOM’s efforts to end hunger and prevent homelessness. Donate $40 a month (or another amount) for our 40 Year Celebration!

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