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Other Food Programs

Other Food Programs

Mobile Food Pantry

Mobile Food PantryIn order to make sure we are reaching all people in need in our community, MOM operates a Mobile Food Pantry, serving two low-income apartment complexes.  

Guests at these complexes have a hard time reaching our Food Pantry due to transportation and mobility issues, and greatly look forward to their visit from the MOM truck!


Food Pantry Garden

Food Pantry GardenMOM operates three Food Pantry Gardens, one of which is a teaching garden, which gives clients their own small plot, where they are being taught how to grow food, side by side with volunteer mentors. 

The other two gardens are used to provide fresh produce for the Food Pantry and are managed by volunteers.

SCHOOL Partnerships

School Snack BagsMOM partners with the Social Workers at several Middleton Cross Plains Area School District schools to provide extra food to give to children who express hunger while at school.

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