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Why We Give: Terry and Bob Smith, MOM Volunteers

Why We Give: Terry and Bob Smith, MOM Volunteers
October 31, 2018 Why I Give

(photo: We asked local kids why they need healthy food. Here's a reason one of them gave us.)

by Terry and Bob Smith, MOM Volunteers

We give because Bob and I both grew up in loving houses where finances were tight. Our families were usually able to make ends meet, but just barely. We were so lucky they did. MOM is one of our favorite places to give because they are so exceptionally good at connecting members of our community - those who have something to give (some time, financial support, a caring smile) with those who are in need. As a volunteer coordinator for their Sharing Christmas program and in the food pantry, I have witnessed the warm care and respect given to each MOM client as they are welcomed, given direct aid and guided toward resources. Working on Sharing Christmas is the best part of my holiday. I get to see warm-hearted donors who want to brighten someone's Christmas season matched directly with families who need a boost. It's truly the best feeling. MOM changes lives!

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