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Food Pantry Top 10 List

Food Pantry Top 10 List

Top ten most needed items

  1. Pouches/Cans Chicken or Ham
  2. Shelf Stable Milk/Dairy Free Beverage
  3. Whole Grains: rice, quinoa, barley, etc.
  4. Heart Healthy Cooking Oil
  5. Canned or dried tomatoes (sauce, whole or stewed)
  6. Honey, Stevia (think health needs)
  7. Mayonnaise; Miracle Whip; Ketchup
  8. Dried/Freeze Dried Fruit, All Types
  9. Toilet Paper/Paper Towels
  10. Nut Butters (think allergies)
Updated monthly. Last updated 6/11/18.


On this list are items that we cannot readily access through other partner agencies and are high request items by our clients.


Top Ten items needed at the Clothing Center
1.  Gloves / MIttens
2.  Bath Towels
3.  New bed pillows (cannot accept used)
4.  Socks
5.  Underwear
6.  Kitchen Towels
7.  Small cooking utensils (hand can opener, big spoons, spatulas, etc.)
8.  Small pots and pans or fry/sauce pans
9.  Mixing Bowls
10. Kids Pjs

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